Sunday, 16 April 2017

Solar Power

We are using electrical appliances with alternate power supply from solar, since last four years and the following is my experience

Solar Panels  Rs. 60 per watt was the rate previously and it is now reduced to Rs.50 per watt. The residents of apartments also can utilise this. The solar panels are available in varied ranges of wattage and the warranty is 25 yeras. The panels are available in 12v/24v. We can utilise them as per our requirement.

1.5 KVA Invertor charger costs Rs.10,000/- at present and it was around 13000/- and beyond/ The rate is now reduced. We were at loss as we have purchased a unit which is not correctly supported by after sale service. There are many companies supplying the units with after sale service, so purchase unit which will give you after sale service.
150 X 2 AH Battery set Rs.24,000
This is the most important part of the installation. previously the cost of the battery set is around 30,000/- and now it is reduced to 24,000/- 

I have given you the costs for an installation of 1.5 kva invertor charger and 600 watts solar panels and 150 X 2 battery for back up. 

These costs have come down due to the subsidy by the central Government. The AP Govt. is giving subsidy for an installation with 3 phase, on purchasing scheme of the power not used by us.  Giving subsidy for installations of single phase will give a boost to this scheme. Hope the Govt. will do so in future.